Programming stuff

Optional workshop on learning your computer more. Meeting time: TBA

Things to do week of Oct. 9

System setup

Install the Sublime Text editor

It's free for 30 days, and you can still keep using it afterwards.

Learn how to get to the command line

Set up Ruby

Google instructions on how to get the Ruby programming language installed on your machine. If you are on Mac OSX 10.8+, it will already be installed.

How do you know if it works? Go to your command line and type in: ruby -v

OSX: Set up homebrew

If you are on a Mac, install homebrew. You will also probably have to setup some XCode thingsā€¦email me or google around if you have problems.

Install the t gem

Follow the instructions here

Use the t gem (again, the instructions are more or less here) to:

  1. Download a CSV file of all your followers
  2. Find the follower of yours who themselves has the most followers

Hint: You can do step 2 in a spreadsheet if you wish.

If you don't have a Twitter account or a popular one, find Peninsula's Press most popular follower.